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Little Fella Pumpkin Patch


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Welcome to the Little Fella Pumpkin Patch!

Here is how to order:

In the custom note box or the note box at checkout, please specify which pumpkin you would like to order using the matching number. Example: If you want the white painted pumpkin that says Hi Pumpkin just leave a note saying "Pumpkin 1"

If you would like to order a painted pumpkin but in a custom color just leave a note saying "Pumpkin 1 and the color you want it painted instead".


Pumpkin 1: White Hi Pumpkin
Pumpkin 2: Orange Hi Pumpkin
Pumpkin 3: Autumn Leaves
Pumpkin 4: Falling Leaves
Pumpkin 5: Herringbone
Pumpkin 6: Halloween Pumpkin


These adorable 8" decorative wood pumpkin cutouts will add the perfect touch to your fall decor. With 6 different style options to choose from, there's a pumpkin ready for picking for everyone!

The measure about 8 inches tall and about 9 inches wide. PUMPKINS ARE DESIGNED TO BE PROPPED.

Printed Paper pumpkins are made with wood & high quality paper that is adhered and sealed to long lasting protection. Paper designs have slight variations in the print.

Ribbons vary from pumpkin to pumpkin.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send us a message or email at littlefelladesignco@gmail.com.

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