Extended Commercial License- 1 File 500 Uses


This Extended Commercial License is for one file to be used on no more than 500 physical products.

Terms & Conditions
This Extended Commercial License grants you, the purchaser, permission to use ONE digital design by Little Fella Design Co. to create 500 end products total that are intended to be sold or used for business purposes. For purposes of this Extended Commercial License, “sold” means you plan to sell or distribute the end product for any type of fee or charge.

This License Allows You To:
• To use a single Little Fella Design Co. design on no more than 500 physical products intended to be sold or distributed total. Products include: wood signs, t-shirts, drinkware, greeting cards, onesies, & more. Products MAY NOT be digital in any form.

This License Does Not Allow You To:
• Resell the purchased design as your own in it’s digital form.
• Modify/alter the purchased design for the purpose of reselling as a digital file. For example, adding or removing elements then selling the newly created design as a digital file of your own.
• Share the purchased design with clients, other businesses, or 3-rd party websites including for personal use.
• Offer the purchased design in a giveaway or promotion.

If you’re not sure what’s allowed under the Extended Commercial License for the purchased design or if you have a specific usage question, please contact me: littlefelladesignco@gmail.com

You, the purchaser, is solely responsible for determining if phrases used in any designs are trademarked or have any legal limitations for your intended usage.
You agree to utilize Licensed Products in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Little Fella Design Co. is not liable for any infringement or penalty that results from improper or illegal use. We reserve the right to revoke or suspend any and all licensing privileges at any time, for any reason.

Copyright Alyssa Ficcaglia @ Little Fella Design Co: 2021.

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